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General Contracting

Incentives, Refunds And Rebates For The General Contracting Industry

General contracting companies may not realize that their activities related to the design and development of many types of systems may constitute qualified incentives, refunds and rebates, potentially entitling them to significant dollars returned. You do not have to be a manufacturer or software developer to be conducting qualified incentives, refunds and rebates.
If your firm is in the contracting or construction industry, there is a strong chance that you could benefit from incentives, refunds and rebates.

Examples of activities and innovations eligible for incentives, refunds and rebates include the following:

• Analysis of the functions of a design directed at improving performance, reliability, quality, safety and/or life cycle costs
• Mechanical equipment sizing
• Structural steel detailing
• Mechanical fittings and routing
• Mechanical equipment sizing
• Pipe material selection and approvals process
• Installation means and methods
• Pipe design and testing
• Mechanical system design and testing
• Means, methods and construction techniques development
• Structure and facility design for constructability
• Construction equipment development and improvement
• Building Information Modeling

• Design for LEED/Green Initiatives
• HVAC design
• Electrical system design
• BIM modeling for sub-system coordination
• System detailing for constructability
• Request for Information Process (RFI’s)
• Value engineering
• Electrical conduit bending specifications
• Aluminum or copper wire determinations
• Electrical insulation
• Conduit wire overheating calculations
• Cable tray support and configuration
• Electrical installation means and methods
• Temporary services design and testing

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